Process for Mobile Detailing

If it is your first time getting your vehicle detailed by a mobile company, we have you covered with some simple preparation steps before we arrive on site and while the detail is being completed!

  1. Empty vehicle of all trash and personal belongings. If you want your center console and glove box cleaned, please empty them out and leave them open, it lets us know we are allowed to go in there.
  2. Leave keys in the vehicle in one of the cup holders.
  3. When we show up on site we have you sign a service agreement and we present you with an invoice, the service agreement only has to be signed at the first service and covers you for all future services.
  4. We bring all of the equipment with us to each detail (Vacuums, cleaning supplies, hoses, extension cords, etc) we do not carry power or water so we will need access to an electric outlet and water supply. Our prices are lower than other companies to off-set the cost of electricity and water that we use.
  5. Our detailing times on our website are a rough average for a crew of 1-2 Detailers. We will complete the agreed upon services and stay with your vehicle until they are 100% completed. Some vehicles take longer than others as there are a number of deciding factors.
  6. Upon completion of the vehicle we will walk through the vehicle with you and explain everything we were able to complete and make sure it is up to your standards and expectations. Please leave a Review!
  7. We pack up all supplies and equipment and leave the property.

Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to the continued business.

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