DRI Partners with SADA and is Sydney-Bound for FDI

August 22, 2023

The Sky’s the Limit

As someone reading this blog post, we’ll assume you’re already pretty familiar with DRNA, Dental Recycling North America. Hopefully, we’re saving you money while ensuring your practice stays compliant with critical dental and environmental legislation, like the amalgam rule. 

Did you know that these same rules apply to dentists located in countries far flung from DRNA’s New York City headquarters? Countries like South Africa, for instance. 

And that’s where DRI, or Dental Recycling International comes into play. 

Check out why we’re so excited to announce our latest partnership, along with our future travel plans to Sydney, Australia as participants in the FDI World Dental Congress. 

First, let us give you the details on DRI… 

What is the purpose of DRI? 

Just like DRNA, DRI works to advance the legislative goals of the Minamata Convention, calling for the evental phase out or reduction of mercury used in dental amalgam, while outlining solutions in support of safer storage and disposal. 

SADA, the South African Dental Association, has partnered with DRI to deliver free technology and equipment, required by South African dental practices, to meet the impending regulatory changes, regarding the installation of amalgam separators in dental schools, as mandated by the Department of Environment, Forestry & Fisheries (DFFE), which is tasked with preserving and protecting South Africa’s environment and natural resources. 

For those interested in taking advantage of DRI SA’s complete recycling and compliance solutions to meet the requirements of the DFFE, DRI SA’s CEO and Founder, Marc M. Sussman will be visiting Johannesburg and Pretoria on Wednesday and Thursday, February 22-23, as well as Cape Town on Friday, February 24.

He invites anyone interested in learning more about DRI SA’s cost-saving compliance solutions to email him directly at mmsussman@drna.com to set up a meeting and discover how to take advantage of dental industry innovations while saving money in the process. 

Upon sign-up, all South African dental schools will access: 

  • A FREE Amalgam Separator unit valued at (a 32538 ZAR value) with a 3-5 year signed annual amalgam recycling service agreement
  • Highly competitive pricing on annual amalgam recycling products and services
  • A FREE Sustainable Development CE course, part of an ongoing effort to support members with issues and concerns surrounding future regulatory and sustainable development

Learn more about the DRI/SADA partnership.

If we miss you in South Africa, you can always connect with us at the FDI World Dental Congress, hosted from September 24-27 in Sydney, Australia. 

That’s right… 

DRI goes Down Under

This year, the gorgeous city of Sydney, Australia will play host for the FDI World Dental Congress, which was created to “advance the art and science of dentistry by delivering a leading scientific programme, interactive forums, and a dental exhibition.” 

To put it more plainly, check out this video featuring highlights from the 2022 World Dental Congress. 

Please reach out to Marc directly to learn more about DRI SA or to get on our calendar for FDI World Central. Simply email mmsussman@drna.com or call 212-218-3181.