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What began as a personal hobby transformed into the foundation of LPC Vehicle Detailing, the most dependable detailing company in Manchester, NH. Founded in July 2020, our business is built on the pillars of attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and unwavering commitment to the quality of products and services we provide.

In roughly 4 years we have completed about 5000 vehicles and have gross sales totaling almost $500K. While we may not be a sizeable company, our impact speaks volumes. With one admin and a crew of detailers, we focus on ensuring the highest quality in every detailing package offered, all at the most affordable pricing compared to our competitors.

Our success is attributed to a highly skilled crew dedicated to bringing out the best in every vehicle. Their expertise and commitment have been instrumental in our rapid growth and the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Our Team

Larry Casale


Larry Casale


Meet Larry Casale, the passionate owner of LPC Vehicle Detailing in Manchester, NH. Initially a hobbyist, Larry’s love for vehicle detailing evolved into the creation of the most dependable detailing service in the city.

Founded in July 2020, LPC Vehicle Detailing is a testament to Larry’s commitment to attention to detail, customer service, and quality. While the business has achieved significant success with about 5000 completed projects and around $500K in gross sales in roughly 4 years, Larry remains at its heart, steering the company with a personal touch.

Beyond the business, Larry is a devoted father residing in Manchester with his two daughters. His deep connection to the community allows LPC Vehicle Detailing to offer personalized services that reflect the values of trust and reliability.

Larry’s educational background includes a degree in Business Management from SNHU, a foundation he utilizes to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether coaching at Manchester South Soccer or volunteering at the Animal Shelter, Larry extends his passion for service beyond the automotive world.

A fun fact about Larry is his childhood dream of becoming the General Manager of an NFL team, showcasing his early fascination with sports management. His favorite quote, “The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win,” by Kobe Bryant, encapsulates Larry’s perseverance in both professional and personal endeavors.

Despite everything he does, he’s not much of a coffee drinker… but he’ll never turn down a glass of chocolate milk! His dedication to quality, community, and family defines Larry Casale, making LPC Vehicle Detailing a reflection of his values and passion for excellence.

Jeff Kimball

Lead Detailer

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Auto Detailer

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Auto Detailer

Chris McClure

Auto Detailer

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Passion, Precision, Perfection

At LPC Vehicle Detailing, we don’t just detail cars; we sculpt masterpieces on wheels. Join us in our commitment to excellence, and let your vehicle experience the transformation it deserves.

Passion, Precision, Perfection – LPC Vehicle Detailing, Where Your Car Gets the Royal Treatment!